Ty and I decided to research more on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and the differences between them. Furthermore, we decided to research more on how they are each helpful for our ever-changing world. Our goal for this module is gain a clear and better understanding about the differences between VR, AR, and MR, since they are becoming for popular with time. The end product we hope to produce is a project that can describe the differences and to awaken the interest of classmates. The resources that helped us the most were the articles found through the DGST Modules site. The main article used was “VR vs AR vs MR: Differences and Real-Life Applications,” by Gleb B. Finally, we are most proud of the way we can now understand and tell others about the ways all three realities can help the future generations. VR, AR, and MR offer a variety of opportunities, and are very significant to this and the future generations. This includes communications that make it easier for people to collaborate, education that allows students to see both real life and holograms, manufacturing that provides workers with real-time assistance by providing them with holographic instructions. A few more would be advertising, for instance, helps marketers and advertisers reach out to their audiences more effectively with AR, retail where products can be ordered online and placed inside your home, navigation which shows objects overlapping the real world to show directions and guide people, and many more. The quicker the generations can grasp and be open to the idea of all these realities, the easier these creations can be used. 

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