The question Ty and I came up with was “what is the best streaming platform to watch this season’s Christmas movies on?” The platforms we decided to use were Netflix, Max, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and YouTube TV. The way we were able to find the best platform is to pick the 3 most known movies from each, find each movies rotten tomatoes score, and calculate the platform’s average. Although there were MANY movies that popped up when we searched “Christmas,” for research purposes we limited the amount down to 3. We decided to choose the most well-known movies, which conveniently was mostly the first few that would pop up on each platform. Our findings were Disney+ came in first with an average of 78%, Max came in second with an average of 76%, Netflix came in third with an average of 69%, Prime came in fourth with an average of 65%, YouTube TV came in fifth with an average of 56%, and Hulu came in sixth with an average of 49%. The tools we used and found most useful were the streaming service apps and Google Chrome to research the movies rotten tomatoes score. We needed the apps to find the movies at all, and Google Chrome to do our calculations. The significance of this question was to see which streaming platform our class should spend money on this holiday season. We did the hard work of finding the best for them, so they can save money for only the best!

Link to presentation slides:

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